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May. 1st, 2008


im going to hate this weekend...

Today, i fasted till dinner... i had too eat... there was pizza... fucking pizza, a 45 minute dinner with three pizza's and cake and cookies... i binged... horribly
i had a munch out tonight too (sit and eat unhealthily) i skipped it but they gave me a cinnamon bun i devoured it... i am soo weak

total: 899 calories... 1 below 900 (nasty)... which is horrible for coming off of a fast, it undid everything
I might purge later, (i really hate doing that though)... if people stay out of the bathrooms
supposedly i will still lose-- i think http://www.thedailyplate.com lies: Our estimate is that you may consume about 930 calories a day to lose two pounds per week.

the rest of this weekend wont be better... tomorrow i have a lax game, but i wont eat anything before it, i ll feel shitty,but i can burn some of the fat i put on from today
however afterwards i am baking a ton for my Bf's Birthday, on saturday... which mean tasting the cake batter and icing, and cookies... etc.... so gross, at least i wont be eating it, but icing add up like no other.
Saturday - well i get to take part in eating some of the food i baked.. great... baking, stupid idea, and i'm going out too lunch with his mother, meaning i have to eat like a normal human being.

Sunday, hopefully i can fast :)
monday required dinner (mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and sundays - but i can get out of sundays)

hope your guys weekends go better... im in for another rough one next weekend, my mother is coming..

Apr. 30th, 2008

fast today

so i fasted today, no interruptions yet..
2 cups of tea
32 oz of H2O with two packets of crystal light
resisted chocolate covered strawberries and freshly BBQ hamburgers...
total: 15 calories
lax practice burnt: 356 calories
im allowing myself to have two more packets of crystal light if im craving (total 25 calories) or maybe sprite 0

Should i continue this till required dinner tomorrow, or eat breakfast (<50 cals) and then no lunch?

Made up a new plan for myself... i have two difficult weekends ahead and its all very uncertain and vague.

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GOOD LUCK GUYS... Discipline creates Performance

Apr. 29th, 2008

(no subject)

TOtal: 526 calories.
No sports today, practice was cancelled so im counting on basal!

so... not horrible but not good day, resisted cookies and chocolate cake, but i had to have a piece of the maple cake... its my favorite, and i only have cake when it or poppyseed cake comes at required dinner, thats my motivation to avoid others... just wait for those two.

Think ill tea, juice, and gum fast tomorrow. I have practice but no required dinner, and no game :)
wish me luck
Good luck to you guys too!

Apr. 28th, 2008

(no subject)

Hey so back to restricting... had to eat dinner and lunch so i went over 500 calories... which sucks... 659 calories to be exact. Better than eating a ton though. Ill defiantly eat under 500 tomorrow. Burned 369 calories at lax, so burnt off some of the calories... but still not an excuse.

I posted these earlier but no one looked. Just wondering if she looks like Miranda Kerr:
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stay strong girls

Apr. 27th, 2008

(no subject)

MOther gone!!! can start eating less than 1,000 calories a day again... start going less than 500!
im really going to need will power though, because 3 days of normal eating is harder to resist than a binge :(

xoxo MK

Apr. 25th, 2008

plan abort... mother

my plan is ruined on day 5... my mother came and is making me eat... everything....

i will continue restricting monday... forever, i am fat already

xoxo MK

Day 4

today was a horrible day, by midday i was over 500 calories... i planned on fasting but i had to eat the required dinner, because people commented and it was so yummy... i had two pieces of bread and one slice of beef. After check in my prefect called us all in for a surprise much out, since senior exe's are over (too much time to explain)... where you eat a ton of junk-food. tagalongs, trail-mix, tortilla chips, cereal, candy...

my total was over 1,00 i wont dare to even say... it sucked, i felt soo sick, i thought i was going to throw up (not try to) just do it, i didnt though.
i couldnt go out of the dorm to run or burn calories but i did 800 jumping jacks, 300 - run/high knees/ butt kicks in place - 400 - run in place - 200 - jump around.
I had such a horrid headache i had to go lay in bed and turn off all the lights... but i couldnt fall asleep.
i also felt horrible at lacrosse after the 500 calories... my stomach hurt horribly.

Does anyone know if my reaction to food, or more junk-food could have anything to due with my thyroid?
I always feel sick after much outs... is it just mental?

i couldn't bear to post this last night since i had been doing well. im going to try and look at this like a metabolism boost but its morning and my stomach still hurts. i will fast on tea with splenda for the day, even if my mom try's to take me out to dinner (she's here this weekend), i need to be cleansed and have no sports today.

I burned 555 calories between lacrosse and jumping around, i continued jumping/running in place after the jumping jacks, supposedly burning 171 calories.

I can do better... i willl

Here are the pictures from yesterday morning: i wont post any today... ill look fatter
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Apr. 23rd, 2008

Day 3

Hey, my little update

So today was a little worse than yesterday. I made the sandwich which i planned on making on friday [1 wheat bread slice (76), 1 slice turkey (48 cals), 7 tomatoes (17cals), 4 slices of egg whites(12 cals), balsamic vinegar (42)] total 195 cals which is a little more in a sandwich than i would like, and its wasnt even that good!!
Breakfast i had tea and around 4 tablespoons of mango, which i estimated to be 5 tablespoons just in case. (35 Cal)
For dinner, i had some Jicama, cauliflower, a Crystal light 5 calorie pack and... stupidly an oreo (not double stuff) and a bite of spice cake (no icing). Like everything i overestimated the amount of food by a little so i dont count less calories so..

My total Calories: 351
Calories burned: 409 (lax game.. etc)

Yay! still a decent day.. i resisted brownies, ice cream, and more cake. I figured out that if i keep track of what i resisted (the unhealthy foods), its very motivating, and shows me that i do have the self control to do decently... not great but ok.
Going to sleep early so i dont eat.

Hope your days went well too!
Discipline creates performance.

Apr. 22nd, 2008

Day two

So i had a bunch of various foods today in very small portions.. so i am not going to list them but i stayed under 300! 298 to be exact which is less than i had planned for today. I also burned 342 calories, so, i burned more through exercise than i ate.
I am going to change tomorrow from a juice day to a normal day, but a bigger lunch and hopefully no dinner, since i have a game. I may eat a salad... so i dont binge. I will defiantly stay under 500 calories and i will be burning even more since i have a lacrosse game

Discipline creates performance

Apr. 21st, 2008

Day 1


So made it today (dont jinx myself im staying up til twelve). I just had my juice, 2 cups of herbal tea, water, and gum (3 pieces). Unfortunately we had a pizza dinner which i showed up late to so they were out of pizza and i didnt have to eat it, but my friend insisted that i take a bite of hers. I felt so gross, if i had weakened by drinking a little more juice, or a sip of milk it would have been better, because it would have only been liquid for today. I took a very small bite and no cheese, so just thin crust and tomato sauce, which is about 9 cals
Overall: 450 Cals
Burnt 203 Calories at Lacrosse, i had to leave a little early so i only played 1/2 hour.

Hope i do the same tomorrow!
discipline creates performance!

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